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About Sunshine Valley Ratepayers Association

Highway 3 leading into Sunshine Valley
BC Highway #3 leading into
Sunshine Valley

The Sunshine Valley Ratepayers Association (SVRA) is a volunteer association, based in Sunshine Valley, BC. It operates on funds raised through donations, grants and fundraising events.

The SVRA promotes community education, sustainable public programs and encourages people of all ages to come out and enjoy the fun. Our association has been in operation for over nine years and has grown to approximately seventy members and associates. The SVRA provides advocacy services on governmental matters at the local, provincial and federal levels. We also provide grant application assistance for qualifying groups. The SVRA puts on various functions year round, such as monthly meetings, Canada Day celebrations, social events, education courses for the community, and volunteer capacity building and youth programs.

Membership in the SVRA is open to any resident of the Sunshine Valley area proper (limit two memberships per residence) who subscribe to the organization's objectives and who wish to be active in their community.

The SVRA regularly holds working committee meetings for:

  • building the Emergency First Response building
  • grant applications
  • marketing
  • community forest initiative

These functions depend largely on much needed volunteer support. We are always welcoming more volunteers, so don't be shy. Many hands make light work!

Why Join Sunshine Valley Ratepayers Association?

The SVRA is a forward looking organization that meets regularly to represent the interests of Sunshine Valley residents in dealings with the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD), the Government of British Columbia and Canada. The SVRA was formulated upon certain principles. It is a non-partisan, active volunteer organization that for nine years has worked to:

  • become involved with all matters relevant to taxes levied on the ratepayer
  • enhance the environment and quality of life in Sunshine Valley
  • represent residents while working closely with FVRD, MLA and MP elected officials
  • represent the citizens of Sunshine Valley in matters pertaining to infrastructure developments, environmental issues and matters that impact on the day-to-day life of the community's residents
  • support community initiatives that enhance the quality of life and safety of Valley residents
  • bring new opportunities to local businesses through support of the development of new infrastructure and other village attractions
  • disseminate timely information to Valley residents regarding initiatives that may have an impact on the community at large through annual and special meetings, published announcements and community postings of the Association's meeting minutes

Our membership is diverse and growing. We invite membership from any Valley residents who subscribe to the organization's objectives and wish to be active in this community. Join the fun and become a member!

To view and print an SVRA new membership application form, go to our Documents page or click on the link below. When completed, mail your application and $10 cheque to:

Sunshine Valley Ratepayers Association
P.O. Box 2104
Hope, BC V0X 1L0

» SVRA new membership application form

Our Executive Board

SVRA 2016 executive board
2016 SVRA Executive Board, from left: Sharon Bender, Barb Bell,
Ryan Ellen, Don Bender, Kate Zabell

Our executive board is made up of people who care about Sunshine Valley and willingly commit volunteer time to its enhancement. Board members are nominated and elected during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that is held in January. Each member serves a term of one year.

After the AGM, the newly elected board members meet privately to determine which member will hold each of the executive board positions.

Executive meetings to occur six times annually, approximately every two months, with committees meeting monthly. Electronic voting for directors will address any emerging issues. Please send agenda items to secretary@sunshinevalleyratepayers.org.

During the course of each meeting, the executive board will discuss the status of ongoing business, any new business and correspondence the SVRA may have received. In addition, the treasurer will provide a brief treasurer's report, and the board may hear from an invited speaker on a topic of interest to the SVRA. At the conclusion of each meeting, there will be an opportunity for those in attendance to address the SVRA executive board with any issues or questions they may have. Questions and answers will be limited to topics that were discussed during the meeting. Meetings are usually held at the Sunshine Valley Inn (aka Sumallo Lodge) on Sumallo Road in Sunshine Valley. Meetings start at 7:00pm and end no later than 9:00pm.

SVRA Executive Board for 2017

President Kate Zabell president@sunshinevalleyratepayers.org
Treasurer Barb Bell treasurer@sunshinevalleyratepayers.org
Secretary Carrie Williams secretary@sunshinevalleyratepayers.org
Board Member Position 1 Beata Korabek position1@sunshinevalleyratepayers.org
Board Member Position 2 Ryan Ellan position2@sunshinevalleyratepayers.org

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